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This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I'll be at the Arisia sf convention (missing out entirely on Monday, alas). Here's my schedule:

(Item 758) Reading: Grant, Nurenberg, & Wilk - Quincy - Fri 11:30 PM - Duration: 01:15
Authors Glenn Grant, David Nurenberg, and Steven R. Wilk will read selections from their works.

(Item 39) Our Grim Meat-Hook Future - Douglas - Sat 1:00 PM - Duration: 01:15
With Ken Kingsgrave-Ernstein (mod), Steve Sawicki, Glenn Grant, Alexander Jablokov, Suzanne Reynolds-Alpert.
The hopeful, bright future imagined in *Star Trek* and other SF classics doesn't seem to be in the cards for us. Instead the world seems to be following the path forecast in *1984,* *Brave New World,* and other dystopias. What, if anything, can we do to cope with living in our rapidly-darkening world?

(Item 629) My Bizarre Writing Process - Paine - Sat 2:30 PM - Duration: 01:15
With Cecilia Tan (mod), Jeanne Cavelos, Melina Gunnett, Glenn Grant, Maddy Myers.
Each writer has their own process, habits, and methods for getting the ideas flowing on to the page. Our panelists describe the methods to their madness, tips, and tricks that may work for you as well.

(Item 158) SF Spaceship Design for Artists - Carlton - Sat 5:30 PM - Duration: 01:15
With James T Henderson Jr (mod), Bruce Mackenzie, Glenn Grant, "Zubie" Zeballos, Thomas Nackid.
What is the artist's process for deciding what a particular spaceship should look like? What elements does an artist consider necessary to integrate into a spaceship design? How does current technology affect how one imagines what these vehicles look like?

In the program, you will probably also see my name on this Sunday panel, which sadly I am going to miss, as it turns out I have to head back to Montreal a day earlier than I expected:
(Item 76) A "Self" or "No Self?" Neuroscience in SF - Independence - Sun 4:00 PM

Am particularly looking forward to the Spaceship Design for Artists panel -- combining two subjects dear to my heart: spacecraft and art. Should be big fun.

Will I be seeing you at the con?
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